Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Nervously waiting for my discipline which will be the paddle the BIG one that hurts worse!!! He already has said that I will be getting it harder tonight so that is making it even worse waiting and dreading what is to come.
I don't know if waiting is harder actually getting the paddle or discipline.
I have multiple things that I did but he said I am getting 50 and that is alot for me to handle. I have had a real issue with handling that many and hard one's like he is going to do tonight but I know I must I got myself in this position and know I he is the head of the house so I must do as he wants!
I am NOT going to be grounded from the computer at least right now I won't so I will try and update on how it is and goes after it happens. I will have to kneel down to do it since I doubt I will be sitting on my hiney after this. Well must close but will try and write either later or tomorow. Take care!


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  1. Good luck tonight! I hope you and your husband become closer because of this and that you feel better about yourself afterward. Those are usually my goals when I am punished. It's hard to wait - I'd rather have it over sooner, but my husband works out of town and that means punishment is postponed until we're together. Let us know how it turns out!