Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last night I wasn't sure if domestic discipline was for me and if the marrige was going to continue. Well alot has happened in 24 hours and all for the good. Marriage is alot better and we are back with domestic discipline.
Yep, I got it BIG time tonight and then later ended up getting 1o more with the belt very hard OUCH isn't the word and how I feel!!! I'm NOT able to sit on my butt right now!! Well for the next few nights we won't be doing any discipline but I will have to continue to write in my book and get it when our company or our housemates company leaves and she works again. Hubby won't discipline me when she is home and that is fine with me. She isn't into this and we don't want to make her feel uncomfortable either in the house.
Well Don (Hubby) is in bed already and I am heading there. I will write again soon. I'll share things I do that I am owed discipline for and etc hopefully while Shea (Our housemate) company aka boyfriend is here if i can. Well take care and will write as soon as she returns back to work and boyfriend is left. He will be here Thurs pm - Sunday sometime. She returns back to work on until Monday night. He will have to leave on Sunday so he can return back to school in Kansas. I will write Monday if not sooner and for sure Monday pm unless grounded from the computer again. I am sure get it again on Monday night with my luck! Till then take care! :)
P.S. If you want to write me email that is privately you can my email address is:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Nervously waiting for my discipline which will be the paddle the BIG one that hurts worse!!! He already has said that I will be getting it harder tonight so that is making it even worse waiting and dreading what is to come.
I don't know if waiting is harder actually getting the paddle or discipline.
I have multiple things that I did but he said I am getting 50 and that is alot for me to handle. I have had a real issue with handling that many and hard one's like he is going to do tonight but I know I must I got myself in this position and know I he is the head of the house so I must do as he wants!
I am NOT going to be grounded from the computer at least right now I won't so I will try and update on how it is and goes after it happens. I will have to kneel down to do it since I doubt I will be sitting on my hiney after this. Well must close but will try and write either later or tomorow. Take care!